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Thursday, January 1, 2009

In 2008 I....

  • Started this blog
  • Not only survived, but ENJOYED a substantial and entirely successful home remodel ... even on a (very) tight budget!
  • Enjoyed a full performing calendar, including singing opposite the most famous living exponent of my own voice type in a stupendously received concert - it was a year where I was truly "living the dream"
  • Had it reinforced once again that I am blessed by truly wonderful colleagues who are not only a pleasure to work with and know, but who also inspire
  • Watched my first roses bloom in their first year
  • Discovered a passion for photography that has always lurked in the background but thanks to the digital age I can now indulge and take further... even achieving some (small) recognition along the way
  • Went camping (albeit reluctantly) and lived to tell the tale
  • Elected a new president
  • Watched my local opera company declare bankruptcy, leaving large holes not only in the local arts landscape, but my own pocket and calendar.
  • Was warmed by the response of at least one colleague to do what was in his power to help me fill one of those gaps
I've never known "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times" to so accurately describe the year - it started with such joy, growth and satisfaction and finished in a maelstrom of uncertainty as the world responded to global events, some hitting all too close to home.

But, as a friend said to me, always hope. And there IS always hope, and never more than at the turn of the year with it all metaphorically (perhaps even literally) spread out in front of us.

Here's to a brighter 2009 than any of us can imagine.

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