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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Umm... WOW!!

Taken on Thanksgiving day, a chance capture when I spotted the frozen leaves while outside clipping herbs for the turkey. This piece of ice fell off its perch and shattered into smithereens seconds after the shutter was snapped.

I am, to say the least, delighted by the outcome!

First Place Winner, Dgrin Challenge #13 "Clarity or Diffused"

Iced Foliage


White said...

That's an awesome photo! How cold was it to have laid sheets of ice on your window?

MG said...


Actually, it wasn't on the window. We have a plastic cover over the table on the deck behind the house, and some water had pooled on that and then frozen - with the fallen leaves - into a small sheet. I propped it up on the deck rail, took this first shot, stopped for a moment to check it before taking the rest I had in mind (I wanted to hold it up and shoot THROUGH it among other things) and... SMASH. It was gone. But at least it served me well before it fell over! lol