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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Pictures

Just a brief update today - long day including 2 runs with the principals this afternoon, and 2 further runs with the chorus tonight. But a much-needed day off tomorrow - we've been enjoying ourselves, but I think we can all use the brief respite to clear our minds and come back to it fresh on Thursday, which will be our final "room run" before we move into the theatre.

In the meantime, some random pictures:

Because this group does almost NOTHING except laugh (I was - quite literally - weeping with laughter when this was snapped)....

A perk to being in the Heartland: A REAL greengrocer! This amazing fruit and vegetable shop has the most FABULOUS produce at about half what I'd be paying at home!

For those not familiar with how it works in Operaland, here're some rehearsal room pictures (one seldom has the luxury of rehearsing in the theatre itself): no glamour, no pomp, no circumstance, just a largeish warehouse room with a piano, a production table (where the stage management and directorial team sit and do their work as we rehearse), a lot of tape on the floor ( the "mark-out" reflecting the exact measurements of the stage and set as we will encounter them in the theatre itself) and "rehearsal" props and furniture (ranging from plastic cups, folding chairs and music stands masquerading as doorways, walls and any other number of temporary "pretends" to create the scene until we get the real thing)

And what may be my favorite of all:

And so, to bed. More to come!

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