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Thursday, November 6, 2008

This is not a political blog

But, like just about everybody in the US and possibly even around the globe, this week has by necessity been about politics.

It has been a whirl of election mania, activity and emotions, somewhat foreign in a country which in recent years drifted into civic apathy. Strangely, there were fewer lawn signs and stickers than I have ever seen before, but perhaps people were putting their energies into action instead of banners, or perhaps passions were running high enough that nobody wanted to risk causing problems (this community in previous elections has been almost precisely 50/50 on both sides of the party divide, so while good fences make good neighbours, perhaps quieter politics make even better ones!). But lawn propoganda aside, I have never seen this country as committed, as passionate, as attentive as I did this past week; there was nowhere to go and nobody you could speak to where The Election wasn't mentioned or didn't in some way to make its presence felt, and people were EXCITED by the chance to make their opinion official!

Regardless of which side of the political fence you call home, this year has been a historic "moment. To be able to watch it with my family and to know that my daughter will be able to say "I remember the 2008 election!" the same way we talk about watching the night the Berlin Wall came down and our parents remember John Kennedy is an extraordinary thing to have witnessed and of which to have been a part.

Even more extraordinary were the rousing (and moving) election-night speeches from both candidates that not only commented on the obvious results, but also demonstrated a dignity,gravitas and a sense of real commitment to the electorate. I have never been so touched by politicians as I was on Tuesday night.

This week, whoever you voted for and whatever you believe, remember how much it all mattered. Because it did. And it does.


White said...

Even here in Germmany we stayed up to watch the results come in. It was clear as soon as the east coast was counted that Obama was going to win, and I think I went to bed at 3am or something. I have never paid as much attention to an election before as I did this one.
Over this side of the atlantic we are all thrilled that you came through for Obama. Congratulations all around on a historic result :-)

MG said...

Thanks for your coment. It was amazing to me to see how "the world watched" too.

True confession: because of my years abroad followed by absurd administrative glitches getting registered after we moved back (once they finally got online it was seamless, but when it was by paper and mail? Oy!), this is only the 2nd time in my life I've voted for a President, the first being when I turned 18 before I moved back to Europe.

What a year to pick to get re-started eh?!