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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catching up

(Note the fake nose and black fingernails!!!)

It's been another crazy month! Every year I think that I will be more organized and less frantic throughout the autumn months, and every year I am proved wrong.

Hansel and Gretel finished up well - it was challenging to put together a new role on the tight rehearsal schedule we had, but the outcome was good and I'm tremendously glad to have done it. I miss my lovely colleagues! (was it ever thus as a singer - you get to know people so well and then... on to the next thing...).

The "next thing" at the moment being auditions, and then the usual string of Messiah performances (this year with one of my favorite conductors and ensembles, which is always a real pleasure). I wasn't expecting that many auditions this year given how many companies have pulled in their horns but I've been surprised! Perhaps not as many as in some years past, but plenty to keep me busy, brushing up repertoire and keeping the energy going. It's been tricky because I've been afflicted with worse-than-usual allergies which seem to be migrating into a minor chest infection - it started during H&G, in fact, where because it coincided with the exodus of leaves from the trees I figured it must be my usual tree allergies, but a couple of weeks later it's still there. Last time this happened it turned out to be undiagnosed pneumonia, so if it doesn't pack its bags and go very soon... off to the doctor with me. In the meantime, I'm happy it's only having a minimal impact on my voice, although I wish it wasn't there at all!

And onwards. Photo shoots have been slipping in there amidst all the musical work, so it has been a highly varied and busy month (some of the results to be shared in a separate post). Busy the way I like it, although why does it alway seem to be feast or famine?!

Now if I could only find the time to start doing holiday stuff as well..... thankfully, we always put our tree up late (it's a European thing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!) so our daughter is used to having to wait a little before we catch up with the neighbourhood. The way the dates fall this year I'm thinking it's going to be a VERY old-fashioned holiday with decorations going up on Christmas Eve!

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