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y life as a busy opera singer, voice teacher, photographer and mom - not necessarily in that order! I consider myself immensely fortunate to have carved out a way of doing all of these things which mean so much to me - it may sometimes get a little crazy, but it's always worth it. Welcome to the madhouse!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Please excuse this interruption...

This packed (intensely hard-work, but ultimately very successful) semester is over and, although I have a new role to prepare for next month and there will no doubt be theatrical musings once I get into rehearsals, life for the next couple of weeks is entirely focused on the newest member of the family:


Katy Marriott said...

Such interruptions very much appreciated :-) Gorgeous!!! Have fun.

:) said...

Thanks dear! We're having a blast with him - he's a dream of a puppy so far (already mostly housetrained and well on his way to learning basic commands) and we couldn't be enjoying it more. Woof!