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Thursday, April 14, 2011

#Operaplot, Part 2

This has been so much fun - the entries are really a hoot. Funny if you're only passingly familiar with the stories, and even funnier when you know them well (or have sung them!). Great stuff.

The prize list is growing all the time, so I encourage everybody to have a look and a try, if only for a giggle! For those not familiar with twitter, to find the summaries go to www.twitter.com search the hashtag #operaplot (include the # symbol in your search).

Here are some of the ones I submitted - I'll leave you to figure out which operas they are (comments welcome!):
  • Druid love triangle goes up in flames while secret squeeze runs off with the kids. (this one was actually quoted in an LA Times article yesterday, which was kind of fun!)
  • SWM seeks doll, sick singer, adventurous lady & bi-curious violinist for raving and poetry. No medics, please.
  • Wedding bells for single-mother acquitted in baby-drowning scandal.
  • Breaking News: mom pimps teen to get a head.
  • Authority figures & ripe peaches spark conflicted sexuality & drunken rebellion. Everybody lives happily ever after - NOH8!
In other news, Kevin Spacey posted an update regarding NEA funding (scroll to the bottom for the update): it's still a cut, but a much smaller one than initially proposed. And it looks like NPR got its funding after all, too! First good news for the arts in quite a while.

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