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Saturday, December 19, 2009

And 2009 steams to a close...

continuing in the same vein it began. Oy.

The snowstorm which is passing over the Northeast has sadly snowed out my concert weekend - we made it through last night's performance of Messiah, but this evening's planned concert was a non-starter with 2-ft of snow falling overnight. I know, I know - in Minnesota, Alaska or even parts of Pennsylvania and New York this wouldn't so much have caused people to slow down, but down here in the officially-but-not-really South everything falls apart at the first hint of white stuff from the skies.

Of course, this causes more than inconvenience to a musician: most gigs are "no play, no pay", so when something like this happens that's nobody's fault and legally "force majeur"... the cancellation takes the fee along with it. Totally understandable from the presenter's point of view, but still not good news! It's hoped to proceed with tomorrow's afternoon concert, but there's no way of knowing until the morning if the roads will be clear enough for both performers and audience members to get there.

We actually got caught in the first part of the storm after last night's performance, and the roads were treacherous. We saw at least half a dozen cars spinning out on the slick highway, and came perilously close to joining them; it took over an hour to drive the last 5 miles home, and we came close to getting stuck on more than one hill. I am never happier that I stick to my guns and drive a stickshift (despite all the people who try to talk me out of it) than in a snowstorm!

So, today wound up a quiet day at home - it hasn't been "fun" snow since it's been very wet and it's so deep outside it's hard to play in, but kids don't seem to notice that the same way grownups do!

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