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Friday, July 17, 2009

Perfect foods

Currently, I'm prompted to reflect on the two foods which I have long considered perfect.

The first is toast. Is there a more versatile food? Meal, snack, pick-me-up or just because, toast always holds its own. Toast with butter, toast with jam, toast with cheese, toast soldiers under egg, toast with cashew butter... the list goes on. Toast after a long winter's walk, providing the perfect warm pick-me-up after being out in the cold. Toast for breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee. Toast easing us back into health after a bout of illness. Toast as a meal; toast as a snack. What's more perfect than that?

Well, in summer, the answer is this:

In our house, blueberries take over in July. I'm the truly violet one in the family (there are rumours that I turn a delicate shade of purple some time in August), but my husband and daughter also enjoy them, if not with quite as much gluttony as I do. My mom buys them in bulk at Costco and makes care-package deliveries (sometimes even out of season, bless her heart!). We have two small bushes in the backyard, but, unfortunately, the birds get up earlier than I do, so we haven't been able to enjoy what little they produce. No, we are forced to buy them to indulge the passion, which means waiting and watching until the glut begins..... Our supermarket currently had a 4-punnets-for-$5 special (limit 4 per visit) and we made multiple trips each day to ensure an adequate supply. There is seemingly no limit to the quantities of these fruits that we can consume; blueberries on cereal, blueberries with greek yoghurt or blueberries by the handful as a snack - doesn't matter, as long as they're fresh, ripe and plentiful.

The only thing I haven't tried yet is blueberries on toast. Hmm... jam, anyone?


hippiecoolchick said...

Come visit me and I will make you heavenly cornmeal blueberry muffins! The offer stands...

MG said...

Yuuuummmmmmmmmm ......!