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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dog days of summer....

So, the ankle recovered enough to get through the performances with the help of some tightly wrapped sport tape, and I'm happy to say that the first two of the weekend's four shows went very well. We're finding a real "rhythm" for it - always one of the challenges with anything comedic, especially where the shape isn't entirely dictated by the music itself - and even with audiences of varying responsiveness, it's going well.

That said, this last week has been harder than I expected. My husband was asked at the last minute to run a music camp, so he was completely off the scene busy with that, and our daughter had a week off from her own summer activities (while many of her friends were busy elsewhere) meaning that this was the "I'm boooorreeeeeedd" week where she didn't have enough to do and consequently wanted lots and lots of Mommy Time. Given that I was nursing my injury and not moving very fast, it was hot, and the prospect of 4 shows in a row meant I've been conserving energy as much as possible, this was not necessarily an easy combination.

It's times like this where the double life gets hard, and yes, I'm aware of the irrational conundrum: when I'm working away, all I do is complain that I'm missing these domesticities and feel bad that I'm NOT spending time with my daughter, and when I'm working from home I face the challenge of divided attention when all I want to do is shut out the world for a few days. I'm not sure there's an "answer" to it, and really... all you can do is DO it. It does always work out somehow (particularly with help from family and friends, both of whom provided some much-needed support this week!)

Two more shows this weekend and then... a month off! I love my job, I love performing and I love being busy, but it's been pretty much constant since February (a wonderful thing in the life of a freelance anything, but particularly a freelance musician!) and I can't deny I'm ready for a short break. That said, I'll still be working on my next role and starting a new semester but I'm looking forward to taking some REAL time off as well.

In the meantime, the first day in many where all three of us are at home and can actually enjoy some time together. A rare treat!


Jessica said...

GREAT show, MG!

MG said...

Thanks, Jessica! Glad you enjoyed it - sorry I didn't see you afterwards, but I think that was Thursday when there was a small reception in the lobby to which we were all summoned... and it was WAY too hot to hang around for us!

Hope to see you before the summer's out, however!