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Friday, May 2, 2008

Bright! Shiny! Toys!

I admit it: I'm a closet geek. Ok, maybe not even a CLOSET geek - I loves me my technology and make no bones about it! Most gigs I give myself a little "treat" in that regard, and this one appears to be no exception :)

So yesterday, when preparing to pick my husband up from a neighbouring city airport (he's flown in for a day to come and see the opening), I decided it was time to indulge in something I've been considering for months now (and even more so after my first week here where I spent much of the time getting lost): a simple GPS system.

A bit of internet research and I decided on this.

I can't BELIEVE that I have waited this long to jump on the GPS bandwagon - it's an amazing device, and has already justified the (modest) splurge by getting me safely to and from said neigbhouring city without so much as a single moment of "Aaack! I'm lost! What do I do NOW?" panic). And I will never again have to rely on ask my husband to navigate!

On the way to the airport, I decided to take a short detour and visit Ann Arbor, MI. It's a cute little college town with some charming boutiques (ok, ok, I admit it: I like girly goodies too - the handmade silver earrings set with a citrine were impossible to ignore and yes, they did come home with me!) and I spent a happy hour or so wandering around. It reminded me of Westwood Village, CA as it used to be... but with a midwestern twist on the deco buildings.

I found the local domestic style fascinating, too: in some ways so similar to the Victorian and1920s homes and buildings of our own neighbourhood in the Mid-Atlantic, but yet with definite regional variations - you would never mistake this for another part of the country.

And so.... tonight we open! I'm happy to say my husband is here to join me for the occasion and, while the domestic logistics at home for our daughter are just this side of a military operation, it DOES seem that everything has worked out beautifully in the end (touch and go there for a while but kudos my husband for figuring out a way for her to get to her dance recital AND a birthday party AND a friend's performance!)

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